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Best Eco-Aqua tourist spot near Statue of Unity.

Gujarat hasn’t got fair share in map when it comes to traveling. But did you know that Gujarat has diverse places for traveling with superior hospitality and remarkable infrastructure!

Modern Life is simple, stylish and straightforward but rarely satisfactory. Satisfaction can only
come when one connects with oneself and nature. Many a times, we are one with nature. At,
Dev’s Camp we surely are. No amount of ‘Virtual Reality’ or ‘Metaverse’ can beat the real feeling
of being in the lap of nature and experiencing it first-hand. The dreadful days yet pleasant nights
of summer are here again and thus begins our desire for hunt of “Best Summer Vacation Spots near Vadodara, Ahmedabad/ Surat”. Fortunately, people in Gujarat and nearby are lucky that they have the perfect
spot to have a great one day picnic/night picnic!

Dev’s Camp, situated in Gariyal is a unique eco-aqua picnic spot which is hardly 100 kilometres
away from Statue of Unity. Dev’s Camp offers you an exclusive experience because it has all the
amenities taken care of that are a must for a pleasurable vacation experience. Dev’s Camp is an
ideal Resort for people who are fed up with urban, concrete monotony in their lives and who want
to experience nature real time and hands on. Dev’s Camp offers you an off the grid picnic
experience which is not subservient to limits, deadlines or screens.

We at Dev’s Camp are dedicated and driven full time to offer people a time of their life while they
are at the facility. Dev’s Camp over the years has developed a facility that spreads across 15 acres
where you can have a fun and enjoyable experience in each and every corner. From Trekking to
Archery, Jungle Cooking to Bush Trek, Campfire Dinner to Stargazing sessions, Dev’s Camp has got
you covered if you are willing to dive into this place filled with fun and enjoyment. There are
dozens of other activities and games that are waiting to be explored that will keep you hooked
and booked day and night. We also have various types of accommodation arrangements for
visitors in different modalities – Rooms with Air-Conditioning, Geo-Thermal technology and luxury
tents have been provided to visitors for an experience like no other.

Over the years, Dev’s Camp has built its reputation as one among the best eco-aqua stay resorts in
Gujarat and nearby states. We have had visitors from nearby cities, states and even different
countries. The diversity of our clientele only motivates us to add one more feather to this
beautiful entity called Dev’s Camp. Ever since the inception, Dev’s Camp has been a passion
project that is committed to protect indigenous conservation and promote ecotourism. In
hindsight, we at Dev’s Camp are happy and proud to announce that we have been able to
successfully make a dent amongst people’s minds and provide an alternative that is worthwhile
when it comes to travel.

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We at Dev’s Camp believe that our facility can be a great alternative for formal and informal
corporate training sessions. According to modern science, being in the outside in broad daylight
amidst nature can boost the retention power of individuals which would directly convert in your
revenue. Similarly, families of all types and all ages are welcome! There is something for everyone,
toddlers to great grandmothers, we have your back. So, pack you bags and flock down to our
facility in Gariyal and we’ll take care of the rest.

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Geographically, Dev’s Camp is located in the eastern part of Gujarat. It is very well connected via
Expressways which makes it very easy for people from Ahmedabad, Surat, Bharuch and Vadodara
to drop by. There are other state highways with which people from faraway places like Dwarka,
Diu & Others can drop by. People who have already visited places like Jambughoda Caravan
Resort, Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park or Statue Of Unity would find it easier with the
navigation. People who in their daytime visit Statue of Unity can find a good abode in our facility
with various modes of stay – Resort Stay or Tent Stay.

With over 2400 Googles Reviews under our belt and the well-wishes of our thousands of our
clients for all these years, Dev’s Camp continues to grow and inspire people to involve and engage
with nature. What else are you waiting for? Go right ahead and make advance bookings for your
well-deserved time with nature as we are on Summer time and the demand is too high ! . Also,
please make sure to go through our facility rules at so
that we all are on the same page! We are running out of space, make up your mind soon!

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