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About Devscamp

How about getting away from the concrete jungle for a few days, staying in Geo-Thermal Rooms/luxury tents and Cross Camps (equipped with the best of amenities), and having a soothing view of water bodies, lush greenery, and mountain ranges the moment you step out of the tent? Well, you don’t need to look far because the Devs Eco-Tourism Centre, Best Nature Adventure Camp near Vadodara, located at Dholikui Panchmahal (spread over 15 acres and just about 35 to 40 kilometers,  from Vadodara), offers you all these things, and much more! Situated near Dev Dam, 

Devs Camp is a joint initiative under PPP (public-private partnership) module and it intends to promote eco-tourism and provide a means of livelihood and prosperity for the local tribals of Panchmahal. Gujarat’s very own Blue Mountains. Once you step out of the tents, there are no concrete jungles anywhere and no man-made structures in the vicinity for miles together. We have special provisions and packages for schools as well as corporate and right from holding conferences tonight stay for the entire family, one can rest assured about getting what they want. The venue also offers a rare combination of adventure, education, and activities like trekking and bushwalking, to name a few. So, this place has emerged as a hot favorite with people from all age groups.” He goes on to add, we take our responsibility towards the environment very seriously and want to promote eco-friendly aqua adventure and give a boost to local tourism. We actively promote and support environment–friendly measures and have been trying to promote sustainable eco-tourism. Apart from assuring that guests have great fun here, we try to make people more sensitive towards nature.

Our Activities

Luxury Stay

Luxurious Tents

Luxury calling eager campers and nature lovers. Eco tourism finds a new dimension.

Geo Thermal Rooms

Understand nature & enjoy luxury, Glamping Rooms exactly give this feel. our rooms arrangements are carried out by our local DEDC members who are trained by professionals.

Cross Camp

Specially designed for a group camping experience with a personalized garden in the lap of the forest.

Our Gallery

Vacation Time’s a-Calling!

We are taking you to a wonderland of sun, sand, and stars.