5 places not to miss while you are traveling Statue of Unity

5 places not to miss while you are traveling Statue of Unity

Statue of Unity is a place that has flourished the travel ecosystem in Gujarat.

What makes statue of Unity so unique is, it is the tallest Statue in the World, of the legendary leader Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, who played a major role in integration of India. Statue of Unity, that attracts over 8500 tourists every day, was inaugurated by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 31 October 2018,to mark the 143th birth anniversary of the country’s first home minister.

The best places to visit near statue of unity, while you are there to explore this magnificent statue are:

1) Sardar Sarovar Dam

If you are there to visit Statue of Unity, then you should not miss Sardar Sarovar Dam, hardly 3.1km from Statue of Unity. With the height of 163m, it is world’s second biggest gravity dam. It is a great place for site-seeing, with a side view of the flow of the water from the dam; also you can have pleasure of boating near the dam, also it is a best trekking site with nature education camp for students. The dam site has astounding view with statue of Unity, surrounding mountain ranges. Best is to be there in early morning at sun rise or at sun set! , one can drive through the lake side and enjoy the greenery and pleasant breeze.

2) Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife sanctuary

A deciduous forest surrounded by greenery, best for a long drive & to explore some nearby village. The apple of public eye is the Zarwani waterfall, which is a favourite tourist spot. The place offers endless adventure feel for travelers to enjoy the natural landscape surrounding the waterfall & is best for trekking, also it has a lot for a photographer to keep him busy all day keeping head, eye & heart along the nature. Winter season is the best time to visit Zarwani waterfall.

3) Dediapada

Hardly 1 hour away from Shoolpaneshwar wildlife sanctuary, but still in the range of it, is the Dediapada. This is a rustic beauty that is less explored and that’s why a best place if you like isolated but still a place that has fresh and vigorous greenary. Mostly it is known for the breathtaking Ninai waterfalls , on the way just be ready to meet a lot of humble and generous villagers.

4) Rajpipla

On the way, is the Rajpipla City, that is famous for its inherited rich history. If you are a person who would love to dig the history, you will surely love the awe-inspiring stories of the princely Rajpipla that also has great scenic nature beauty on its way. The major attractions in Rajpipla are Rajvant Palace, Vadia palace (Indrajit- Padmini Mahal), Harsiddhi Mataji Temple, Victoria Gate, Red Tower.

5) Poicha

Poicha became a well-known name after the Nilkanth Dham Swami Narayan Temple. This Swami Narayan temple is known for its architectural designs, overall decorum & the evening aarti. It has good scenic views & if you are going with kids then they can find the place more fascinating than you.

6) Devs Camp Eco Tourism Site

Devs Eco Tourism Center – is one of the best Resort near Statue of Unity and is Gujarat’s Most Favorite Eco tourism destination, located at Dholikui Panchmahal, 2 hours of drive from Statue of Unity, it is worth a drive for all the statue of unity visitors, as it has been an ideal night stay place for most of the travel lovers. One can relax in the glamping tent or luxurious geothermal room.

Highlights of Devs Camp:

Walk in Bird Aviary: Rather than watching from a far distance, how about going into a walk in bird aviary, where birds without any fear will sit on your hands while you feed them and chirp on your head. After a long hectic day, you would love spending your night at the campsite, with cool breeze passing by and stars twinkling above you. Your good night sleep will turn into memorable night in comfy and eco-friendly conceptualized accommodation i.e Glamping Tent and Geothermal Rooms. Water-body and mountain range for that “WOW” factor and inner peace. Majestic glimpse of nature about 300 feet above ground level. Clear view of water body, no matter which tent and room you are staying in. A fabulous picnic destination for all age-groups and all kinds of gatherings, family picnic, school picnic and corporate outings. Outdoor Personalized family pond. Devs Eco Tourism Center has got gold accreditation from the IGBC (Indian Green Building Council) and is also the member of International Ecotourism Society.

Walk in Bird Aviary
Rain Forest Rain Bath

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