Best Accommodation Near Statue of Unity

Best Accommodation Near Statue of Unity

Statue of Unity is the center of gravity in the Gujarat’s Tourism Sector. Everyday 1000s of people come to visit this colossal World’s tallest statue. If you are planning to visit Statue of Unity & finding best accommodation near Statue of Unity with nearby tourist attractions & scenic natural beauty, then here is the best Option.

Devs Ecotourism Center:

Devs Camp is the finest stay near Statue of Unity, with hardly 2 hours of long drive from SOU, one can enjoy myriad scenic blessed beauty of nature as the way is surrounded by River Narmada, Forests, Valleys and range of mountains.

With the Glamping Tent and unique features like Rain Forest Rain Dance and Walk-in Bird Aviary, Devs Camp is the best stay near Statue of Unity.

There are a lot of breathtaking crowd-pleasers over the SOU like Valley of flowers, Sardar Sarovar Dam, Cactus & butterfly garden, Zoological Park & Safari etc that will take hardly 2-4 hours including the Statue of Unity, so the best time to visit Statue of Unity is in early morning, as you will find less crowd & also can enjoy sunrise dazzling view across the Narmada Riverfront. After enjoying all the sight-view around the Statue of Unity, you can straightaway head to Devs Camp!

It is one of the Best Resort Near Vadodara , Ahmedabad and Gujarat’s Award winning Ecotourism destination surrounded with an enchanting view of streams, lush greenery and mountain ranges. Apart from  “Best Stay near Statue of Unity”, it is also one of the “Best Camping activity resort near Statue of Unity” with the unique resources like Rain Forest Rain Bath and Walk in Bird Aviary along with the additional eco-friendly pure ecoadventure activities like Eco Go Kart, Rock Rappelling, Zipline, Cycling, Jungle cooking, Bush Trekking with Jugnoo and High rope activities like Cross-Bridge, Tyre Tumble, Rope Bridge, Squire Squabble, Surfing Wall, Zig-zag etc. Also one may Try hands on Archery, Jungle Trekking, Camp-Barbeque.

What makes Devs Camp the best accommodation near statue of unity is its “All inclusive Package”.

If you select Night Camping with Devs Camp, You get luxurious Night Stay options of Glamping Spacious Tents & Geothermal Rooms.

Best accommodation near statue of unity, best camp near vadodara

If you are searching for Tent City near Statue of Unity then your search ends here. As Devs Camp provides the most Sturdy, spacious and tempting tents giving you the feel of original wild camping and without loosing the opulence as it is an A.C Accommodation.

The other option that we have is Geothermal rooms that is made with a twist feel, where you feel cold when it’s summer & warm when it’s winter. Isn’t it just like natural automation?

Not to forget that if you book your night camping at Devs Camp, you get 4 times of meals (Lunch, Hi-Tea, Dinner & next day breakfast) and all the adventure activities are complimentary for specially the Night Camping guests. Isn’t that a best deal to have?

Want to explore more, what’s in your bag, if you plan for Devs Camp?

Here you go: Devs Camp: Gujarat’s Award Winning Ecotourism Center



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